On behalf of the Executive Board of the Dental Laboratory Association of Texas,

I would like to thank all the Manufacturers, Lab Owners and Technicians for all their support at the Southwestern Conference 2014.  There is a new energy moving within our industry. As the DLAT moves into the New Era of Dental Technology, we look forward to serving the needs of the dental laboratory. 


We look forward to seeing you at the Business Symposium in Galveston, Texas, this fall. As leaders and owners in the dental industry, join us as we learn to stay ahead of the curve in doing business. We look forward to seeing you there.


Elyese Anderson, CDT

Gary Iocco, NADL President

I would like to thank the Dental Laboratory Association of Texas for their generosity and hospitality. The meeting was wonderful and I met some great people.  The Armadillo is sitting in my office as a great reminder.  You made this guy from the North feel like family.  Thank you again!

                                                                                 Gary Iocco


Milton Pokladnik, CDT, ret., past DLAT Executive Director, presented an "Armadillo" as a reminder to Gary Iocco of his trip to Texas.

Women in Dental Technology Get Together

DLAT President Elyese Anderson, CDT,  hosted the first annual Women in Dental Technology Get Together honoring women in the dental industry on Friday, March 28, in the Presidential Suite.   It was a joint affair with the Southeast Conference hosting the women at their Conference.



Matt Roberts,  CDT, of CMR Dental Laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho,was the Keynote Speaker for the Conference.  His  presentation's title was Integration of Digital Technology into Advanced Aesthetic Reconstruction, A Laboratory Perspective.
Matt's reputation as a state-of-the-art Dental Ceramist and  World-Class Dental Ceramist brought a capacity audience to his clinic.


                              AA DENTAL DESIGN


Frankie held a mini-clinic, The Power of Innovation, and spoke at the Awards Luncheon on Saturday at the Conference.  He is an inspirational speaker, and told about his family coming to America
from Cuba, and their struggle to build their own successful  Dental Laboratory. 


It was not just a "feel good" program, but one that inspired all who attended the luncheon to be encouraged about the future.

An Attendee's Comments



So the DLAT convention has wrapped up and I'll have to say that it was time well spent. After making the mistake of not attending the Mid-Winter meeting, I was not going to let another opportunity to share ideas and learn new concepts pass me by. Unlike some conventions I had attended in the past, I felt a sense of optimism and eagerness in the future of our industry.


Instead of the usual commiserating among technicians about the Agent of Doom - the "chairside in-house milling system" as the demise of the commercial laboratory, or the need to either downsize or lower prices to stay competitive with foreign manufacturing, etc., I saw significant interest in the future addition of higher technology into their workplace and information on the new materials that are used in those processes. I spoke with many people that are eager to get that information on how certain materials should be used and heard discussions on how to get the better results that we are looking for and ultimately how we can raise our fees in providing a better service.


With the free and open exchange of information we all benefit in the long run, we can educate and advance each other and that helps us become better technicians. And in turn that makes us a better industry. With a mindset of abundance we don't need to feel threatened in our livelihood and profession by our fellow technicians. It's possible that the economy truly is turning a corner, labs are reporting that they are getting busier, more jobs are becoming available.


It's when mankind fears that there is "insufficiency" that we get protective, over-inflate our egos or tear down our fellows to bring ourselves up to a higher level. Maybe it will take some individuals a little longer to accept change and start to embrace the inevitable options that are being advanced, so be it. One lecturer stated "We need to somehow find the courage to move forward."

Change WILL happen! And while change maybe painful, it's the suffering that is optional!

For myself, I choose to be an Optimist and see the glass half full. I believe there is abundance in our industry, opportunities are all around us and every one of us can find a way to access it. You may say that I'm opinionated, but I'm not. I'm just convinced!


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